11 December 2011

Scrapbook Sunday - Blog Page to Scrapbook Page

On December 2, I was interviewed by Thomas MacEntee on GeneaBloggers radio. It was a lot of fun and I am grateful that I got the chance to do something exciting and new (at least for me). On the show, I mentioned that it is easy to create a scrapbook page from your blog posts, even if you don't think you have digital or technical talent. Yesterday I gave you an example of a simple scrapbook page created with Microsoft Publisher. Another even easier and more available option is Microsoft Word.

This Microsoft Word scrapbook layout uses the images and text from my blog post about Texas Road in October 2010. The large block on the right is a standard text box shape in Microsoft Word. I recolored, resized and added a shadow to it. The pictures were cut and pasted. The titles were simple text editing. If you can copy, paste and tweak a bit, you can do this too. 

Would you like further instructions and ideas for using your blog content to create scrapbook layouts? Give me a shout and I will put together the details, although, really it is super easy! You do not have to have major digital talent to do this.

Off to work on my Family History Album pages. I am adding the stories of how each of the couples met, including my own story. Have I ever told you how I dreamt about my husband the night before I met him? And I wasn't even sleeping on a piece of wedding cake. 

Happy Scrapbook Sunday!

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